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Trustees And Power of Attorney

The Estate Trustee or Power of Attorney is tasked with an often difficult responsibility that can prove overwhelming given the suddenness and the emotional turmoil whenever a loved one passes or is transitioned to a more beneficial living arrangement. In many instances there is a great physical distance between the Estate Trustee or Power of Attorney and the property being sold, along perhaps with many beneficiaries or family members seeking answers about what is transpiring. Our role as Realtors is to listen to your circumstances and help you find the best resolution. We have extensive, ongoing experience in selling Estate property and assisting clients with Life Transitions for themselves or loved ones, and we happily provide thoughtful, steady and sound advice throughout the process. We welcome the opportunity to sit and discuss how we can help you. 


Work with a Relocation Specialist to ensure a Successful Real Estate Transaction

In today's fast-paced market place, home buyers and sellers need more than just a REALTOR®. Home buyers and sellers need a professional with unique training and know-how to create opportunities, identify potential pitfalls up front, and make the transaction an unqualified success. Home buyers and sellers need a Relocation Specialist. As a Realtor with the CERC Relocation Specialist designation (the only Canadian equivalent to the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation recognized in the United States), we are well qualified to handle your relocation. 

  We have the experience, commitment and advanced training to help home buyers and sellers get the most out of their real estate transaction. We are skilled to help clients understand the local market, screen prospective buyers and sellers, negotiate in the best interest of the client, co-ordinate with your relocation company (as required) and ultimately ensure a successful home purchase or sale.


Close the Deal

We understand a great marketing campaign for your home is essential when competing against other comparable homes in your local market. We have dedicated our careers as full-time real estate agents for over four decades to knowing the market, market trends and how to maximize the return on your biggest investment. 

   Our bold, insightful marketing campaign is designed specifically to give your home every possible advantage in selling quickly with the highest possible price and the best possible terms for you. One principle is getting as many eyes on your home as possible to give you a greater chance of selling for top dollar. Our all out approach is designed to produce maximum results, however, it is nothing without our brand of customer service. Hard work, real estate savvy and open communication are our hallmarks and we are here for you every step along the way!